Downs Baptist Church Safeguarding Policy/Web Site Safeguarding Statement

Downs Baptist Church regards safeguarding and good working practice as a priority. In the interests of the safety and well being of all children and vulnerable adults, it has developed and operates a formal safeguarding policy.

The church is committed to ensuring that all leaders working with children or vulnerable adults:

  • have undergone a Disclosure & Barring System check at enhanced level.
  • are adequately trained and supervised.
  • understand and follow the church’s safeguarding policy.

Everyone in a helper position working with children or vulnerable adults:

  • is always accompanied by a supervisor who has undergone a Disclosure and Barring Check at enhanced level.

The safeguarding policy may be viewed and/or a copy obtained from the pastor or leadership team.

As part of this church’s commitment to children and young people, it has appointed Margaret Bradford and Gareth Woolcott as Children’s Advocates. All the children and young people involved in activities within the church know who they are and how they can be contacted.

Should the church have any safeguarding concerns it will seek the advice of the Baptist Union and if appropriate contact the statutory authorities.

Downs Baptist Church

• recognises that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

• is committed to supporting parents and families.

• recognises the unique and individual worth of each person.

• is committed to nurturing, protecting and safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

• exercises care in the appointment of all those working with children and vulnerable adults in the church.

• is committed to following statutory, denominational (if relevant) and specialist guidelines in working with children and vulnerable adults.

• seeks to support all those affected by abuse.

• is committed to supporting, training and resourcing those who work with children and vulnerable adults and provide regular supervision.

• is committed to the management and supervision of known offenders in the church.

• will review its safeguarding policy annually.

If you have any concerns for a child or in relation to any child protection matter then please speak to one of the Children’s Advocates.

A copy of the full policy can be made available.