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Kenya update -Mid September 2020

Use of our gifts:-  The money has gone towards building materials for new accommodation for Kelvin who lost a leg in the recent fighting in Naisuite and for his mum.  The hut is under construction at the moment.  The funds have also provided medicines, blankets, cooking equipment and all the necessities they need to live on.

Present situation in Naisuite:-  Sadly fighting has broken out again leading to one further person’s death and several others being injured and hospitalised.  These are not members of the church that Daniel oversees there.  Joseph, who is from the church, is seen as a respected member of the general community and  is playing a role in helping these new victims.

Items for prayer:-

  • For wisdom for Joseph, Daniel and other church leaders who will be working with the county commissioner and local politicians to bring reconciliation between the warring factions.
  • That the government will fully waive hospital bills for those caught up in the crisis.
  • For the general political situation in Kenya. There is disquiet, in particular due to the way the president, Uhuru Kenyatta, seems to have side-lined his vice-president , William Ruto, in favour of his erstwhile opponent, Raila Odinga. There is a tribal aspect to this as each represents a different tribe.  The current tension comes from fearing that promises once made to one tribe will be undone in favour of another.
  • For Daniel the organiser and initiator of a forthcoming large-scale prayer rally involving firstly local church leaders, then pastors in Nakuru (about 1000 in number) and finally including members of many of the churches in Nakuru County. Pray that this event will be successful in working towards the healing and division within the country.

Verse of the week

 Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” 

Romans 14 v 19 (NIV)

Think: Jesus said, in the sermon on the mount in Matthew 5, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.” 

Challenge: Be a peacemaker even if you disagree! Be humble, be gentle and be patient!

The verse of the week is inspired by the teaching the previous Sunday.  If you would like to listen to a recording of the service then head to:-

Joy and Gratitude

Enjoy another of Malcolm’s meditations: May you be blessed!

Wednesday Prayers

DBC Community Greengrocers Shop Slot charity Donations

Shop Slot donations since Christmas 2019 have been supporting Sussex Homeless Support. 

To date we have raised £300.  Thank you for your generosity.

You can read all about their work by clicking the link below:


Resumption of Sunday 10.30am Services at Woodingdean CP School

Longing to meet together?

The Leadership Team is pleased to announce that DBC will recommence Sunday morning services at Woodingdean CP school from the 6th September at the usual time of 10.30am.

There are restrictions of course and strict guidelines have been put in place by the school.

Guidelines for Attending

Should you choose to attend the service you will of course be very welcome. Please do consider your choice carefully as the service will also be live on our FaceBook page and will be added to the website after the service.

We ask that you:

  • Consider wearing a face mask whilst inside the school.
  • Remain physically distanced at all times from anyone not in your household.
  • If you are arriving as a household please stay together.
  • There will be sanitising hand gel available which we advise is used by all on arriving and before leaving.
  • Please don’t raise your voice or sing and conversations within the building are seriously restricted.
  • If you are able, bring your own chair (garden chairs are acceptable).
  • Please use the toilet at home. Should you need to – the disabled toilet will be available with cloth and spray bleach water for you to spray and wipe down everything you may have touched.
  • Please consider bringing quiet activities and any necessary refreshments required for children.
  • Please keep any children with you at all times.
  • Please bring your own Bible.
  • Please leave the building as directed when the service ends.
  • Any person displaying Coronavirus symptoms will be asked to leave and to make contact with NHS 111 about quarantine actions.

DBC Greengrocers – extended opening hours

Shop opening hours have been extended and are as follows:

Monday – 9-1pm
Tuesday – 9-4pm
Wednesday – 9-1pm
Thursday – 9-1pm
Friday – 9-1pm

We have a 2 customer limit in the shop at all times.  Please respect social distancing rules to safeguard yourselves and the fab team of volunteers working very hard to keep the shop open.

Orders can be phoned through on 01273 300441 between 8.30am and 1pm. Initially, leave ONLY your name and telephone number and we will call you back for details of your requirements or you can email your orders to with your telephone number so we can call you with day of delivery and any items we are unable to provide. 

Please note that we can ONLY take one order per week – any more than this will be put aside till the following week.

You can also phone in and collect orders during the opening times provided to help us out.

At present we can only accept cash payments for deliveries but are working to try and accept BACS payments in the future. We will talk to you about this when letting you know the details re your delivery.

Thank you for your cooperation, support and patience through these unprecedented times.

Stay safe and stay well.

Wednesday Prayers

Kenya Update August 2020

The news from Kenya at the moment is hard to hear!

There has been some local fighting in the town of Naisuite.  One of Daniel’s churches was caught up in it and some of his members have had to move into a local school building so that they can still farm their crops.  Sadly, one of the church elders has had his home burnt down.  People have been injured, but thankfully everyone is now out of hospital and being cared for at home.  The people are desperately short of food and have asked Daniel for help.

One of the most shocking cases was of a teenage boy (we think 18) who was shot with an arrow and had to have his leg amputated below the knee.  A man who was shot through the side of his head with an arrow is now doing well.

The Governor of the State has paid a visit to the people of the town of Naisuite.

Gifts of money are needed to assist the people at this difficult time:

  • To cover the cost of the boy’s hospital fees (£100)
  • To buy crutches for him to get around
  • To cover the cost of building a new home for the church member (about £700)

DBC has sent donations to cover the hospital costs and to purchase food for the people.  Thank you to all who have contributed to this gift.

Daniel did not want to ask for money for the rebuilding of the elder’s home, but Malcolm has said that if anyone would like to help please contact him directly.  Daniel and the pastor of the local church have been extremely grateful for the gifts that have been sent.

Malcolm has prayed for peace in the town of Naisuite, healing of the injured and those harmed emotionally by the recent fighting. He prayed that the church would continue to shine with hope and with the security that they found in God.  He gave thanks also for the connection that we have with these churches in Kenya.

Meanwhile Daniel is hoping to visit U.K. next Spring after the cancellation of his previously planned visit in May.  Malcolm also has in mind a future visit to Kenya.

Many thanks to Maria for all of her help in compiling the updates from Kenya.  It is good for us to be reminded of the things that have been happening to our brothers and sisters so that we can pray in an informed way.

Wednesday Prayers

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