Sunday, 20th October, 2019

Malcolm concludes his challenging mini series from the book of Hosea. This week – The faithful God, Hosea 11-14

Sunday, 13th October, 2019

Hosea Part 2.

The Unfaithful Nation – Hosea chapters 4 -10

Be warned

Repent and have a fresh start

Live God’s way

Help one another

Sunday, 6th October, 2019

Malcolm commences a 3 part series based on the book of Hosea.  This week’s message is entitled – “The unfaithful wife and the faithful husband.”

Sunday, 29th September, 2019 – Harvest Family Service

Verses of Salvation. This week – “What must I do to be saved?” from Acts 16 v 30b

Sunday, 22nd September, 2019

Verses of Salvation. This week – 1 John 1 v 1-2

Sunday, 15th September, 2019 – Fun Day

Verses of Salvation.  This week – Ephesians 2 v 8 – 9

There are 3 mini messages this week. The first recording has a lot of background noise (happy, smiley people) as it was re-recorded but it is a clear recording and I do hope it does not detract too much from the message.  My apologies!

Sunday, 8th September, 2019

Malcolm commences a new mini series entitled verses of salvation. This week – Hebrews 12 v 2

Sunday, 1st September, 2019

We welcome Roger Case from Seaford Baptist Church this morning.  Roger completes our series – is it in the Bible? This week’s question – pride goes before a fall! Roger’s main reading is from Luke 18 v 11-14.

Our apologies for the quality of the recording this week.

Sunday, 25th August, 2019

We welcome Alison O’Donnell from Ashford Baptist Church this morning.  Alison continues our series – is it in the Bible? This week, money is the root of all evil! Alison’s reading is from 1 Timothy 6 v 6-21.

Sunday, 18th August, 2019

Continuing our series – is it in the Bible? This week, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam!

Sunday, 11th August, 2019

Jesus calms the storm.

For a brief excerpt of our All-age service, listen to the five minute audio clip below.

Sunday, 4th August, 2019

Is it in the Bible? Eat, drink and be merry!

Sunday, 28th July, 2019

Is it in the Bible?  This week, eye for eye, tooth for tooth!

Sunday, 21st July , 2019

Is it in the Bible?  part 2 – cleanliness is next to godliness!

Sunday, 14th July, 2019

Malcolm commences a new series entitled, Is it in the Bible? This week – God works in mysterious ways!

Jesus and self-control – final part of the series on the fruit of the Spirit

Sunday, 7th July, 2019

Due to the inclement weather, our proposed service on the beach did not happen. As a result Malcolm was not able to deliver his final sermon on Jesus and Self-control.  He is intending to provide us with a short video to conclude the series and this will be uploaded as soon as it is received.

To listen to Rob Brand’s testimony please click on the link:-

Sunday, 30th June, 2019

Part 8 of our series on the fruit of the Spirit.  This week, Jesus and gentleness

Sunday, 23rd June, 2019

Back to our recordings this week. Part 7, Jesus and faithfulness

Sunday, 16th June, 2019

Part 6 of our mini series on the fruit of the Spirit.  This week – Jesus and goodness.  This week’s message was not recorded but Malcolm has provided a short video to bring an overview of the subject. Enjoy!

Sunday, 9th June, 2019

Part 5, Jesus and kindness

Sunday, 2nd June, 2019

We welcome Paul Young from Off the Fence to our service this morning.

Paul gives a brief update of the work at Off the Fence tackling social and spiritual poverty in Brighton and Hove.

Paul’s message entitled, “Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord” is from Habakkuk 1 v 1-4 and his key text is the very lovely and encouraging Habakkuk 3 v 17-18.

Sunday, 26th May, 2019

Part 4, Jesus and patience

Sunday, 19th May, 2019

Part 3, Jesus and peace

Sunday, 12th May, 2019

Part 2 of our new series on Jesus and the fruit of the Spirit – this week, Jesus and joy.

Sunday, 5th May, 2019

Malcolm commences a new series entitled, Jesus and the fruit of the Spirit. This week, Jesus and love and Malcolm’s readings are from Galatians 5 v 16-23 and John 15 v 9-13.