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Important announcement re church services

 Sunday Services are ONLINE ONLY.

The Government have asked that we behave as if we have the virus and STAY HOME!

Even though the guidelines permit us to meet for worship, the leadership team of Downs Baptist Church have decided that the right thing to do at this time would be to cease our live meetings and broadcasts from Woodingdean CP School on Sunday mornings.

As before, services will be streamed live on our Facebook page on Sundays at 10.30am and for our prayer time on Wednesdays at 7.45pm.

Please do join us for fellowship.  If you are unable to or do not wish to connect via social media, the entire service will be uploaded to the sermon page of this website:

Stay safe.

Blessings to you and yours.

DBC’s vision and Purpose

To know God and to make Him known


Jesus said: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14 v 6


Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbour as yourself.” Luke 10 v 27

Centring Prayer

Meditation – Experiencing God’s love

Meditation – Thanksgiving

Kelvin’s new home – Kenya update October

Joseph, the church member on the ground in Naisuite has informed us through Daniel that the family house constructed for Kelvin and his mother with wonderful help from the neighbours contains two rooms, a single bedroom and a sitting room. They have also been blessed with an electricity supply. However, they are still in need of a latrine and a small shopping bag of food so that they can start using the house and begin a new life.

The church in Naisuite is very grateful to all those who have helped Kelvin and the other poor victims of the recent violence with their prayers and gifts. It prays that the Lord will really bless the givers. The love of God is clearly in operation both in Kenya and in the church in UK which includes our own church in Woodingdean. It is making such a difference to the lives of Kenyans in the state of Nakuru.

Peace comes to Naisuite

Daniel has called from Kenya. He calls a couple of times a week to give an update. He wanted to tell us that there is peace in Naisuite. Praise the Lord!

Also fourteen patients who received wounds from arrows have returned from hospital, a two hour journey on terrible roads. Daniel has paid £50 for their transport and the hospital has waived their fees. The cost of their ongoing medicines is £60.

Kelvin, the boy who previously had his leg amputated, is doing well and his hut is under construction but unfortunately no one has accounted for the cost of a door and a window. This will require an additional £50. Daniel says that he is in need of raising £110. Quite often we have to tell Daniel that we do not have any money for him but recently we received two gifts for Kenya from church members and unusually Malcolm did not send them off immediately. He was unsure about where the need for the money would be. The amount that he had been given for Kenya was £110!

The money has now been sent and the medicines can be purchased along with a door and a window for Kelvin’s home. Malcolm has asked Daniel to be sure to pass on our love and support and not just our money to the people of Naisuite.

God’s church is making a difference. A small gift from us can make a massive difference to others’ lives. If we respond to God’s call on our lives positively his kingdom grows.

Kenya update – Kelvin with his new crutches.

Use of our gifts:-  The money has gone towards building materials for new accommodation for Kelvin who lost a leg in the recent fighting in Naisuite and for his mum.  The hut is under construction at the moment.  The funds have also provided medicines, blankets, cooking equipment and all the necessities they need to live on.

Present situation in Naisuite:-  Sadly fighting has broken out again leading to one further person’s death and several others being injured and hospitalised.  These are not members of the church that Daniel oversees there.  Joseph, who is from the church, is seen as a respected member of the general community and  is playing a role in helping these new victims.

Items for prayer:-

  • For wisdom for Joseph, Daniel and other church leaders who will be working with the county commissioner and local politicians to bring reconciliation between the warring factions.
  • That the government will fully waive hospital bills for those caught up in the crisis.
  • For the general political situation in Kenya. There is disquiet, in particular due to the way the president, Uhuru Kenyatta, seems to have side-lined his vice-president , William Ruto, in favour of his erstwhile opponent, Raila Odinga. There is a tribal aspect to this as each represents a different tribe.  The current tension comes from fearing that promises once made to one tribe will be undone in favour of another.
  • For Daniel the organiser and initiator of a forthcoming large-scale prayer rally involving firstly local church leaders, then pastors in Nakuru (about 1000 in number) and finally including members of many of the churches in Nakuru County. Pray that this event will be successful in working towards the healing and division within the country.

Meditation – Love

Malcolm brings another meditation for us to relax and focus on God during these difficult times. Prepare your heart to receive from Him – may you know His peace, His joy and more importantly, His love.

Joy and Gratitude

Enjoy another of Malcolm’s meditations: May you be blessed!

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