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Letters to the seven churches of Revelation

Margaret led our service on Sunday, 21st April and gave us a brief résumé of our recent teaching series on the seven churches of Revelation. 

If you would like to follow the actual messages from our seven speakers, do head to our Sermons page:


Wednesday Prayers – April 2024

Gareth leads our prayer time this month and his thoughts are based around Colossians 3 v 12-17.

Thursday Fellowship – John Casse

We welcomed John Casse back to Thursday Fellowship and were delighted that he was able to play the piano in Lis’s absence. Thank you so much John!

John’s talk was in two parts.

Part One: John read the poem Three men, three crosses, one hill – author unknown

Interestingly this was the same poem that Sue read last week and one that she brought to our Good Friday service. It is a poem that has impacted many people since that first reading!

Three men, three crosses, one hill.
One man cursed, one man prayed, one man promised.
One died condemned, one died forgiven, one died innocent.
One died in sin, one died to sin, one died for sin.
One was held by death, one was released by death, one conquered death.
One lost life, one gained life. one was life.
Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and Praise God we have eternal life!

All three were in one place at the same time but with different outcomes.  Where do we stand? What is the relevance for each of us?

Part two:

John then told us the story of Tobias and Ollie Ham.  Who you might say? Well their son, Mordecai Ham, a travelling evangelist from the age of 9 was used by God to bring Billy Graham to faith! How wonderful that those godly parents planted God’s Word in the hearts of their children – and look at the impact of both Mordecai’s and Billy Graham’s ministries.

We read the story of Saul’s conversion in Acts 9 and how Ananias despite having doubts and fears because of all the terrible things he had heard about him, was used by God to minister to Saul and bring physical and spiritual healing.  Ananias was faithful to God’s call. There was no sense of pride, he approached Saul as a brother and was used mightily to fulfil God’s purposes.

Does this apply to us, John asked?  It does! Are we ready and willing to listen and then respond to God’s call?  We may not see the end result but the important thing is to be obedient and faithful.  Jesus brings life and He uses each one of us with all of our different giftings and abilities. So let’s be ready to serve Him.  We are not a nobody – we are somebody!

Thursday Fellowship – Maeve Whitchurch

We so enjoyed the visit from Maeve who brought a lovely word from Hebrews 11 v 1-3, 39-40.

It is a well known passage of course focusing on those saints of old who were commended for their faith, yet none of them received what was promised as that is to come!

Maeve told us that clutching hold of promises can be hard especially when things go way beyond our experiences. She shared the story of the disciples waiting patiently for the Spirit of Truth who would come to help them after Jesus was taken up to heaven. Their whole world had been turned upside down after Jesus died. How confused, frightened and disappointed they must have been!  Yet Jesus comes to them in their safe space in that upper room and promises them that it will happen –  the Spirit of Truth will come. (He came ten days later at Pentecost). If God promises it then it will happen but sometimes it can take time and we have to wait patiently and have confidence in what we hope for.

Maeve encouraged us to look for rainbow moments in our lives. Sometimes in all of the clutter and chaos they can get lost! Let’s have faith, confidence and hope in what we don’t yet see believing in the One who promised because He is faithful.

We were reminded that we are Kingdom people – citizens of heaven in the here and now.  God lives in us and we can see Him in each other.  Let’s let the Sprit of Truth leak out of us so that this world can be changed by the beauty of God.

Baptism or Christianity Explored

If anyone is interested in exploring the possibility of being baptised, either in the sea or alternatively in a local heated swimming pool/baptismal pool, please do speak to one of the Church leaders.

They would also like to hear from anyone who might be interested in participating in a Christianity Explored course. Please be assured that there will not be any pressure or commitment made by making an enquiry.

You can also fill in our contact form by clicking on the link below should you wish to know more:

Contact Us

Good Friday – Communion Service

Good Friday?  A solemn day but also a day when we are able to celebrate just how much God loved us.

We were able to do this as we gathered together to share breakfast and then reflected on what Jesus’s death meant to each one of us before we partook of the bread and fruit of the vine with glad hearts.

For a flavour of this imitate time together, here is a short clip of the thoughts that Gareth shared:

Sue read a very touching poem which included the words (reflecting on the three people crucified on that first Good Friday) – One lost life, One gained life and One was life!

Gareth asked us to think how this day affects how we live our lives!

“Though you have not seen Him, you love Him; and even though you do not see Him now, you believe in Him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.” 1 Peter 1 v 8-9 (NIV).

So on this Good Friday, let’s rejoice for what Jesus has done for each one of us.  Let’s surrender our lives afresh to serve Him and let’s love each other as Jesus commanded us!

Happy Easter!

Thursday Fellowship – Maundy Thursday

What a beautiful and meaningful Communion service we had today!

For a flavour of our time together, here is the order of service:

Welcome and News
Reading – Philippians 2 v 5-11
Song 120 – The Servant King
Poem – It began with darkness – Gideon Heugh
Song 780 –  How deep the Father’s love
Reading – Isaiah 53 v 1-6
Song 1111 – What kind of love is this?
Reading – Isaiah 53 v 7-12
Song 596 – When I survey the wondrous cross
Song 544 – There is a Redeemer
Poem – The Sacrifice – Hilary Malpass
Closing Prayer and Vesper

Kath led our Communion time and got us to think about the miracles Jesus performed during his three year ministry. We came up with 17 but there are of course lots more!

Kath said that the disciples did not know that this was going to be the Last Supper and that Jesus would suffer an agonising death and rise again. Jesus was preparing them for what was about to happen and He poignantly showed them the full extent of His love by acting as a servant and washing the disciples feet. He also gave them a new commandment – to love one another.

We were seated at tables and one person served the others on their table with bread and the fruit of the vine pronouncing – His body, broken for you.  His blood, poured out for you!

It was a different act of remembrance but one that was well received by the 18 members present and set us up very nicely for our Easter services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Walk of Witness – Palm Sunday

Once again, a good few of us walked from the top of Warren Hill down to the school with Solomon the donkey before our Sunday service.  It was good to welcome back our former pastor and his wife, Malcolm and Dawn Haines. 

Thursday Fellowship – Rosemary Kemp

We welcomed Rosemary Kemp back to our meeting who led us so beautifully in a visual presentation about Passover.

Passover originates from the book of Exodus when God instructed Moses and Aaron and the Israelite people living in Egypt to mark their houses with the blood of a lamb so that the Lord would “pass over” their house and spare their firstborn son. It is a time for reflection, gratitude, and celebration of freedom! 🕊️🍷🍞

God did not intend the Passover as a one-time event, but an annual feast where the Israelites would remember how God had saved them and brought them from darkness to light and from slavery to freedom.

In a very moving afternoon, we were able to partake of the emblems and to learn just what it means to Jewish families and ultimately the link with our communion service, the Last Supper and of course Easter.

Rosemary led us in two songs: Light of the world (you stepped down into darkness, opened my eyes, let me see!) and There is a redeemer (Jesus, God’s own son, precious Lamb of God, Messiah).

A truly memorable afternoon!

Next week – Maundy Thursday Communion Service at 2pm.

Wednesday Prayers – March 2024

Margaret leads our online prayer opportunity for March focusing on Ephesians 2 v 8-9 and Matthew 11 v 29.

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