We welcomed Wynn Funnell to our meeting on a glorious, spring day – it felt like summer!

Wynn reminisced about her earliest memories – memories that made her smile.  Memories are precious aren’t they? For the most part we remember things that bring us joy and make us smile. But at other times, it can be painful and we can feel sad when we think of those whom we loved so much who have died.

Wynn told the story of a dear friend who had written in a book, “till we meet again, I will be thinking of you!”  Sadly they didn’t meet again but Wynn is confident that they will one day in glory and what a reunion that will be!

We were asked to think about our first memory of going to church and how it felt when we experienced God’s presence for the first time – was it wonderful? Was it frightening? We were reminded that God doesn’t force Himself on us but He lifts us from all of our burdens if we let Him. To illustrate this point Wynn read that famous poem ‘Footprints’ attributed to Mary Stevenson, written when she was just 14 years old which depicts a person’s life journey with God. The poem is written as a dream, where the person sees two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to them and one to God. The poem reveals that at the most difficult times of the person’s life, there was only one set of footprints, because God was carrying them. The poem is a message of faith and hope, showing that God is always with us. How comforting is that in the troubled times in which we live!