What a beautiful and meaningful Communion service we had today!

For a flavour of our time together, here is the order of service:

Welcome and News
Reading – Philippians 2 v 5-11
Song 120 – The Servant King
Poem – It began with darkness – Gideon Heugh
Song 780 –  How deep the Father’s love
Reading – Isaiah 53 v 1-6
Song 1111 – What kind of love is this?
Reading – Isaiah 53 v 7-12
Song 596 – When I survey the wondrous cross
Song 544 – There is a Redeemer
Poem – The Sacrifice – Hilary Malpass
Closing Prayer and Vesper

Kath led our Communion time and got us to think about the miracles Jesus performed during his three year ministry. We came up with 17 but there are of course lots more!

Kath said that the disciples did not know that this was going to be the Last Supper and that Jesus would suffer an agonising death and rise again. Jesus was preparing them for what was about to happen and He poignantly showed them the full extent of His love by acting as a servant and washing the disciples feet. He also gave them a new commandment – to love one another.

We were seated at tables and one person served the others on their table with bread and the fruit of the vine pronouncing – His body, broken for you.  His blood, poured out for you!

It was a different act of remembrance but one that was well received by the 18 members present and set us up very nicely for our Easter services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.