We welcomed Malcolm our former pastor and a regular visitor to Thursday Fellowship to our meeting.

Malcolm brought a very helpful word around his experiences as a Teaching Assistant at a local Catholic Primary School – with reference to being salt and light and highlighting the passage in Matthew 5 v 13-16.

We thought about what salt does – mainly to preserve things and enhance the flavour of something better.  What if we were like really good salt! What does that mean for us?  How might it help others and bring glory to God? We were encouraged to not live selfishly but to live the Jesus way of serving others.

We also thought about the power of light and how it dispels darkness.  It can, if we allow it to shine in our lives, show a clear path towards friendship with God!

Malcolm has been blessed for the many opportunities he has had to shine for Jesus in his new role and Psalm 39 has spoken to him powerfully. Why not read it and see if God speaks to you too?!

Do we watch our ways?  Do we take time to stop and listen to others? Do we say and do things which are good and build others up? We may fail at times but our hope is in Him. – His grace is sufficient for us.  We can get up and try again because His mercies are new every morning. Let us all strive to serve God to the best of our ability.

Malcolm left us with this challenge – Let’s be salt and light because you never know who is watching!