Sue’s talk at Thursday Fellowship this week highlighted the reactions of four centurions to Jesus and His followers.

There was the centurion who believed that Jesus could heal his paralysed servant at a distance, merely by His word. (Matthew 8 v 5-13).

Another was the centurion at the foot of the cross who declared, “Surely this man was the Son of God!” (Matthew 27 v 54).

Julius was the centurion who was ordered to accompany Paul, now a prisoner, on the long and dangerous journey to Rome.  (Acts 27 v 1-12). He was greatly impressed by Paul’s faith.

The final centurion was Cornelius, who asked Peter to visit him, and filled his house with family and friends who wanted to hear about Jesus. (Acts 10 v 23b – 48). The Holy Spirit came upon all of these Gentiles in power and they were baptised.

All of these men were non-Jewish soldiers, whose lives would never be the same again because of their encounters with Jesus or His followers.

Sue left us with a thought – are people’s lives changed because they meet us and see something of Him in the way we live? Are they able to say just like the centurion at the cross that “surely this man Jesus is the Son of God?” Food for thought indeed!