What an enjoyable afternoon as we welcomed Rosemary Kemp to our meeting for the first time.

Sue began our time together by reading Psalm 100.  What are we that God should love us so much?! We were reminded to give thanks and praise His name.

After thinking about some of our members who were not able to be with us, there was an opportunity for open prayer. This is always a very special time but more so when someone begins their prayer journey by praying for the first time and then gaining confidence to do so on other occasions. Such a blessing!

The afternoon was then handed over to Rosemary who led us on the piano with some worship songs with a Jewish feel: When the Spirit of the Lord is within my heart and Jubilate and then the very lovely Graham Kendrick song, Rejoice, rejoice Christ is in you.

Being Jewish, Rosemary shared her faith journey and delighted us with stories from her childhood and memories and accounts of her ancestors and traditions she was brought up with.  Some were very funny, like the time when unbeknown to her parents, she skipped Sunday School for three months – so devious! To make her testimony come alive, Rosemary brought some Jewish items to show us – the Menorah and Shamash candlesticks, a prayer shawl, a dreidel spinning top and talked about their significance in her upbringing.

Rosemary highlighted some very poignant verses from Colossians 2 v 8-9, 16-17 and 20-22 to contrast a religion of man-made traditions, regulations and behaviours with the reality and freedom of knowing who Jesus really is, namely the Messiah. Reading the book, “Messiah in Both Testaments” written by Fred John Meldau made everything come together for her and she came to faith. She realised that faith was needed in view of life’s struggles of which she has had many. Her questions were answered and she needed to have answers to share with others especially her family.

Our time seemed to pass so quickly and Sue said that Rosemary must come again! Here, here!