Sue illustrated her talk on the second coming of Jesus with the exciting story of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who set out for Antarctica in 1914.

His ship, the ‘Endurance’ got trapped in pack ice.  For a time, they lived on the ship until it broke up, and they survived on the ice for some months.  Finally, they pulled three of the ship’s small boats through terrible conditions to reach open water, then sailed to an uninhabited island. The situation was desperate as many of the 28 men were ill, weak and frost-bitten.  They needed help!

Shackleton took one of the boats with 5 of his most experienced sailors through blizzards and dangerous seas to South Georgia, over 800 miles away leaving behind the remaining 22 under the trusted leadership of Frank Wild.

Every morning, Frank packed up his sleeping bag and said, “Get your things ready, boys – the Boss may come today!” Every day these men watched the horizon waiting for help to come. Many months passed until one day someone spotted a ship.  The ‘Boss’ had returned, as he had promised.

Every one of the crew went home, not one was lost.  What an incredible picture of the return of our Saviour, Jesus Christ! Luke 21 v 27, 28 and 36 – “Stand…lift up your heads…watch…and pray.”

Sue challenged us – Are we ready for our Lord’s return? Something to think about!