Grateful thanks to Maria for penning an update as to the recent events from Kenya.

Sadly, our friend, Pastor Daniel Gitau had an accident on Tuesday 19th January.  His son also had a very serious accident and knocked somebody down with his car. Then Daniel’s wife, Fennih, became very ill.  We are however pleased to report that Fennih is recovering well.

Again, there was another traffic accident in which Joseph’s son, Nelson, and a visitor from the UK, Katherine Cookson, were both killed on Wednesday evening 7th February, as Nelson was driving Katherine from Nairobi airport to stay with Joseph and Florence, his wife, in Dundori.

Downs Baptist Church has supported the clinic in Dundori for many years and Joseph is one of Daniel’s closest friends and a member of the Leadership Team.  He is pastor of the church in Dundori and also manages the school and the hospital. He also prepares accounts for these projects to send to supporters in the UK.  Tragically, Nelson’s wife also lost a baby who was still born at about the same time.  Katherine’s brother, Charlie, is in Kenya to organise the repatriation of Katherine’s body to the UK.

Gifts have been sent to Kenya from DBC amounting to £1510, as well as £500 from the church as a whole, to help with Nelson’s funeral costs.  The money will also assist Nelson’s widow who is coming to terms with the loss of her baby as well as her husband and who has two young children to support without their father.

Daniel will be visiting the UK in the Spring and will preach at DBC on Sunday the 12th May.

Please do continue to pray for our friends in Kenya.