Downs Baptist Church runs a community greengrocer’s shop in Warren Road, Woodingdean. The idea that the shop could be run by Downs Baptist Church was first suggested in 1997, when the existing shop was facing closure.

Providing fruit and veg to the local community is only part of the reason we took the shop on. We really wanted to reach out to the community and provide people with somewhere they can visit and talk to caring people who will listen. It can sometimes be a bit daunting to go to a church where you don’t know anyone so by coming to the shop first, people can get to know us a little better before they even get to church. People are always given a warm welcome, both at the shop and on Sunday mornings.

The shop is run by Sue Foster the Shop Manager ably supported by volunteers from Downs Baptist Church. Any profit goes towards charities supporting relief and missionary work throughout the world and also on local projects.

Essential building repairs to rectify a serious water problem and a make-over to the shop area took place in September 2016.


The shop supplies an extensive range of Fair Trade goods and Health Food options, as well as bird seed, hay and other animal related products. A free local delivery service using the shop van is offered on Friday afternoons.

Since the shop has been open, it has raised over £80,000. The funds have helped support local youth activities and projects, as well as other projects in the UK, particularly locally based charities tackling social needs.

We are involved with two long-term overseas projects:

Dundori in Kenya, which we support with medical facilities and medicines, and the Brasov area of Romania for social needs and the purchase of land for the building of a church (see the “Mission” page for more details). We’ve also given to emergency relief funds through recognised agencies in times of earthquake, flood and famine.

Thank you for your support

636099026029164546Please support us in our outreach activities in Woodingdean. With your help we can do so much more to help people who are less advantaged than us. By buying some of your groceries at the Woodingdean grocery store each week, you are helping people all over the world. For deliveries, or to contact during opening hours telephone: 01273 300441

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the shop in its mission, and for continuing to make the work we do possible. Thank you!

Opening times throughout the spring/summer season will be as follows:-

Monday 9-5pm

Tuesday 9-5pm

Wednesday 9-5pm

Thursday 9-4.45pm

Friday 8.30-4pm

Saturday 9-1pm

Shop Slot Donations from April 2017

Food shortages have now become critical in East Africa – 16 million people are in urgent need of food and safe water.

Famine has already been declared in parts of South Sudan, and Somalia is likely to experience famine this year. Parts of Kenya and Ethiopia are rapidly heading towards crisis stage.

Extreme drought conditions, often worsened by conflict, have left millions on the brink of starvation and it will only get worse if we don’t act quickly.

Tearfund are providing malnutrition treatment for approximately 50,000 mothers and children in South Sudan, as well as food support and clean water to thousands of others in South Sudan and Somaliland. Their teams in Ethiopia and Kenya have been helping communities cope better with the challenges of drought and have plans to respond to this crisis as soon as funding is available.

Tearfund has launched an immediate response to do more and they are part of the national DEC appeal, an initiative that brings together 13 leading UK charities in times of crisis.

For the foreseeable future our shop slot donations will be given to Tearfund to help them in this time of crisis to make a difference in East Africa.

Thank you so much for your generosity.