Dear all

Every blessing in Jesus to you all.

I’d like to thank all those who have given towards the school construction – the work has carried on due to the financial support of UK supporters. There is still a way to go so please keep praying for the continuing work at the school.

Meanwhile, the political/wider church involvement continues apace. At a recent prayer breakfast, Daniel and some other church leaders were able to meet with Susan (lady in the Orange jacket, who is the recently elected governor of Nakuru County) and Mwaura (the gentleman on the left, a senior member of the Nakuru administration and a secretary to the cabinet).  Praise God that they were willing to attend this church led event and be preached to (by Daniel amongst others) and prayed for!

This event is the pre-curser to a larger event being held on Sunday the 12th February involving church leaders and the Government. This time President Ruto will be in attendance, as well as many other secular dignitaries. Again, it is so evident that the Lord has placed Daniel in a key position. He seems to be someone who gains favour with a wide range of important people and has a role in bringing them together. Please pray for the success of this coming event and especially for Daniel’s role in all this – he does feel the pressure and its only the Lord’s grace that sees him through these sort of events.

Blessings again

Paddy J