A message from Daniel Guitau:

Hi.  Peace and Love of the almighty God and of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world be with you all. As you know for the last four years life has been very challenging here in Kenya – drought, Covid 19, the tension during the General Election which was disputed and the very high price of food. In all this we witnessed the Grace of God. I’ve nothing I can be proud about because I know it is God who has brought us all this far.

I also want to take this opportunity to share my heartfelt gratitude towards you for standing with us by prayers and financial support. I know you did this sacrificially. May God reward you for He is the rewarder of those who seek Him diligently. May He also meet your needs and desires of your heart. Finally from  me and my family and the church and ministry that the Lord has put me in charge of, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless you!

Also: I attach a photo of Daniel with the deputy president (DP) and his wife and a couple of the Nakuru church leaders in a meeting they had this week. They are hoping that their working with the government at this high level will help bring blessing to the church in Kenya. The DP’s wife (in green) is a very strong born again believer.

Thirdly: many of you have supported the classroom/school project. The building work has begun and I attach a photo showing this. Initially they are building foundations, taking down some of the old corrugated iron classrooms and then building 2 new classrooms. The building is being done in such a way that at each phase the result is usable, but further construction above and around is also possible.

Finally: I have received the Dolphin Academy’s KCPE results: The average score was 301, with the highest two being 374 and 371. The lowest was 263. Remember these are nationally held exams with approx. 1 million candidates. They are out of 500 and very hard. Only about 1% get over 400 and the average is usually about 200. I will find out the comparisons with other schools in the county in due course. But these are very good results, not quite as good as last year, but still maintaining the amazingly high standards the school has achieved in the last several years. Well done to the teachers and all at the school!