‘We had another visit from Dr. Ruth Butlin from the Leprosy Mission. Poster quote: “Leprosy is curable but the disability and stigma it causes can severely impact mobility, affect marriage prospects, exclude children from school, and make it difficult to get a job.”

Starting with Paul’s encouragement of timid Timothy in 2 Tim 1:1-7, Ruth said that 6.4% of new cases in the world are children. Over half of new world cases are in India, many diagnosed too late to be cured. Ruth gave individual examples from India of young people whose lives have been transformed in vocational training centres, where they learn new practical work skills as well as life skills, as they live and learn together. They are nurtured to reach their full potential to work. This helps both them and their families. Dr Ruth encouraged us to pray, talk about leprosy and its effects, and to give.’