Our programme for the afternoon was very much a continuation of the previous week’s Members’ Afternoon where those who did not have an opportunity to bring a favourite hymn, song etc, were able to do so.

Sue then continued her mini-series on the writers of the four gospels and this time we looked at Luke.

Luke was a Gentile, a highly educated and scholarly writer, a historian, a medical doctor, a pioneer missionary and a great friend to many (especially Paul) who interestingly never met Jesus.

He seems to have been a lovely caring, compassionate man, a hard-working, tough Christian and a faithful, loyal friend – a man who modelled his life on the Lord he served.

He was self-effacing in a truly humble way, not drawing attention to himself but always concerned with what others were doing and to what the Lord was doing.

Sue left us with four words to take away and ponder – True Humility/True Loyalty.