Firstly, we would like to thank you ALL very much for your continued support and love for us and indeed for each other. It is going through this period of time in unity and love of each other and our Lord Jesus that will keep this Church strong.

Things really do seem to be going well and we leaders feel calm and confident that, whether this is the way of things for a short or longer time, God has got this!

Our pastoral vacancy information and Church profile have been sent in and should now be on the Baptist Union Website. Any updates on this will be brought to the members meeting on 4th December.

The rota for preaching and leading of the services is full for the rest of the year.

Due to confidentiality issues on the live Facebook feeds, we are planning to experiment with pausing the live feed for the time of open prayer. It is hoped that those viewing live will use the time to pray at home. We don’t think those watching after the event will be much affected. This will be for a trial period so your comments would be welcome.

Gareth, Kathy, Rose, Margaret and Sue.