A week after our Queen went home to be with the Lord she had served for so long, and the succession of Prince Charles to the throne as King, our worship this week concentrated on the Kingship of Jesus.

For this term, Sue has started a monthly series on the four gospel writers, commencing with Mark.

Though the young Mark was brought up in a believing home and almost certainly knew Jesus as a person, he wasn’t one of the twelve disciples. Mark had a cousin, Barnabas, who travelled with Paul on his first missionary journey to Asia Minor. They took the young Mark with them but for reasons unstated, he returned home to Jerusalem early on in the journey.  Barnabas wanted to give Mark a second chance on their next journey, but Paul refused to take him causing a serious rift between the two men. As a result, Barnabas, who hadn’t written Mark off as a failure, took Mark with him to Cyprus and Paul journeyed with Silas.

In the end, Paul was proved wrong, and Mark became a valued friend, colleague and helper to him, with a vital role in the mission of the church. Finally, Mark wrote his gospel based on what his older Christian friends shared with him concerning Jesus’ live, death and resurrection.

May we too see the potential in those who fail and encourage them.  (1 Thessalonians 5 v 11). And if we have failed or been criticised, let’s not be discouraged and give up, but let’s learn from the experience and allow God to develop character and perseverance in us, and then pick ourselves up to face the challenges set before us by the Lord.