We welcomed Ann Dracott back to our meeting this week.  Ann asked a very searching question to start her talk – What do you think is the greatest invention to civilisation? Well, it is Fire! Fire is a friend but can be a dangerous enemy once it gets out of control! Anne went on to bring some thoughts about fire and what it brings and shows: –

Light: Genesis 1 v 3. God said, “let there be light” and there was light! Jesus is the light of the world and was with God at the very beginning. Light reveals things and brings clarity.

Heat and warmth: It draws people together and is comforting. Do you feel welcomed, comfortable, and accepted in a church setting?

Power: The Holy Spirit came with fire, Matthew 3 v 11. Leviticus 6 talks about keeping the fire burning.  We need to feed that fire within us by the Word, through prayer and by sharing with others. God wants us to come forth as gold and will refine us if we let Him to do so!

Uncontrolled fire: James 3 v 6 talks about the tongue being a fire! This is a warning! What we say comes from our hearts, so we need to think before we speak. Are our words healing or hurting, constructive or destructive?!

Ann wanted us to sing the Charles Wesley hymn, O thou who camest from above to finish.  What a fitting end to a very thought-provoking message. The words are just perfect!

O thou who camest from above

The pure celestial fire to impart,

Kindle a flame of sacred love

On the mean alter of my heart.

Please do consider joining us on a Thursday afternoon at 2pm in the Parish Room of the Holy Cross Church in Woodingdean.  We would love to see you!