Thank you for continuing to pray for Kenya at this time.

Last week the Supreme Court of Kenya found in favour of William Ruto and ratified that he had been fairly elected president.

The elections have passed off without any violence both before, during and after the election, while the matter was in the courts. Feelings are still running high and there are many who don’t like the outcome – but the Lord has kept things peaceful.

As a result, there will be a large Thanksgiving meeting in October, which Daniel and the other Nakuru Elders are organising. This will be to thank God for the peace of the country and to pray for the new representatives and will involve many of the key dignitaries of the area. The new president, Ruto, is a confessed born-again believer. Let’s pray that his relationship with the Lord enables him to resist the corruption that normally comes with Kenyan high office. Please pray for Daniel (and the other Nakuru Church leaders) that in all this they can be acknowledged as above reproach and representing God and his people truly in their society.