General elections

General elections were held in Kenya on 9 August 2022.   Voters elected the President, members of the national Assembly and Senate, county governors of Kenya and members of the 47 county assemblies of Kenya.  The veteran opposition politician, Raila Odinga and William Ruto, the deputy president, were locked in a tight race for the country’s highest office. Daniel Gitau organised a large prayer rally the Sunday before the elections, praying for a peaceful election and for God’s divinely appointed politicians to be voted in.  Daniel will soon be organising a meeting of newly elected MPs.

Inflated food prices

These are causing terrible suffering.  As an example, 6 months ago the corn required to make ugali (which is a staple food of the area) was about £1 per kg.  It is now costing £6.  So there is a 600% inflation on certain foods.  This is not surprising given the global problems caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Giving in order to help with food costs

Daniel will receive donations.  He himself is hosting 2 hungry families and 7 struggling relatives will soon be staying with him too.

Latest news just received:

Following Tuesday’s Kenyan election, some of the local results have come in. Here is a photo of Daniel and Sammy Ngahu being introduced to the new governor of Nakuru (Susan) with the parliamentary “Women’s rep” (Lisa).

The presidential vote has been announced (Monday, 15th) and Ruto has been declared President. But PLEASE keep praying as there is still tension and the election result is likely to be challenged in court. This is a seminal moment for Kenya.

Daniel sees this as a good result as Odinga was very much in favour of triabalism.