Wherever we are we are DBC; it doesn’t need to be in a school or a building – the church is people! Our responsibility is to carry out the mission to take His love to others and we do that in gentle and culturally acceptable ways.

So began Malcolm as he led our service on Rottingdean beach on what was a sunny but somewhat windy day.

Malcolm spoke about the miraculous catch of fish taken from John 21 v 1-11 – very apt for our beach setting!

The main point of this story? It tells us something about the Miracle Maker, Jesus and how He shows His power over nature and the whole world!

We ate bread together as Malcolm opened up the story. Only a week before, the disciples had watched while Jesus was crucified and heard Him say, “it is finished”. They had been there and now Jesus was alive. This occasion was life-changing for these fisherman and disciples.  What Jesus had told them about Himself was true and now it had happened again.  He told them that he would go before them into Galilee and now He is cooking breakfast on the beach! There is life after death and when the Holy Spirit came a bit later, they were filled with power, authority and boldness to share the good news.

Jesus’s resurrection is the secure promise that those who trust in Him will rise again. He has power over the fish and death and is the giver of life in the first place and of life eternal.

Up from the grave he arose;
With a mighty triumph o’er his foes;
He arose a victor from the dark domain,
And he lives forever, with his saints to reign.
He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

Robert Lowry