The August Preaching and Leading rota is all booked up and we are looking forward to completing September too. We intend to follow through with the book of Acts starting from Chapter 13. This will continue each week, taking us towards Advent in December. Visiting speakers may or may not decide to preach from the relevant passage but it will hopefully lead to some continuity during this time.

We are intending to reinstate something like the designated deacon post that we used through the sabbatical and details of this will be in the future bulletins and uploaded to the website. In the meantime please rest assured that it is our intention to ensure the presence of at least one of us at every service.

We are putting together the Church Profile, the potential pastor requirements and working towards acquiring a moderator all with the intention of bringing the details to the Church Members Meeting on 4th September for discussion.

Gareth, Kathy, Rose, Margaret and Sue.