Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

In a special message to the nation, Queen Elizabeth emphasised that she wanted festivities to unite the nation, rather than to celebrate her personally. She said, “I know that many happy memories will be created at these festive occasions.”

Indeed they were as 26 members and guests joined together to celebrate on what was a very relaxed and joyful afternoon.

What better place to start then with praise, focussing on the goodness of God.  Faith read some verses from Psalm 103 and we sang, Praise my soul, the King of heaven.

Kath brought a memory from ‘The Servant Queen’ publication of the ‘Secret Ceremony’ 70 years ago that was too sacred to be broadcast on TV or radio. This was where the Queen wore a simple white dress – no regal clothes or adornments and was anointed with oil and set apart to love and serve her people.

Lis, quoting from the same publication, revealed how authority was conferred on her by God and to Him she would be accountable! The orb which she was given encrusted with jewels and pearls and with the cross on the top symbolised the rule of Christ over the world.  The Moderator of the Church of Scotland gave her a Bible and said that this book is the most valuable thing that this world affords! How wonderful to see that the Queen’s faith and the Word of God has sustained her through her long reign and is a source of peace and comfort.

Those present were given an opportunity to share memories of that special day and there was a table with memorabilia which brought much delight.

After singing Now thank we all our God, we enjoyed a sumptuous tea and a beautiful cake made by Lis.

Sue led us in a toast to our beloved Queen who has shown such commitment to her people, the Commonwealth and to her Lord.

We concluded our celebration with singing heartily, the National Anthem and sang the vesper (blessing) over one another.

Grateful thanks to our hard working committee and helpers for making the afternoon celebration such an enjoyable one.