We celebrated our anniversary on Thursday, 30th June and were delighted that Malcolm was able to join with us to continue his journey through the Bible.  This month it was the book of Joshua.

The book of Joshua is familiar territory for many of us and a miraculous episode in the history of the Israelite people. It concludes the wandering in the desert and marching into the land that was promised, the land flowing with milk and honey, a good and pleasant land though it was occupied! Who is not familiar with the story of Jericho when the walls came crashing down?! They had to have complete trust in God, be obedient and they had to fight – it wouldn’t be easy! They had to be totally committed. Can you say?

I want to walk with Jesus Christ, all the days I live of this life on earth; to give to Him complete control of body and of soul. 

Malcolm told us about his signet ring which he had engraved with the inscription, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” which comes from Joshua 24 v 15. This is a challenge for us! Will you live for God or will you choose to live for something other than God?

Being the end of the session before the summer break, we finished off in typical fashion with tea and homemade cakes. We return on Thursday, 8th September at 2pm but can look forward to four coffee mornings during the summer to maintain social interaction and fellowship. For details head to: Thursday Fellowship coffee morning dates for your diary