At our meeting this week Malcolm continued with his series on Bible books with Deuteronomy. It’s a book of Moses last words to the nation he’d been leading. He knew he was near the end of his life and would be passing over leadership to Joshua, who would take them into the Promised Land. In these last words he was retelling the law, reminding them of their history and of God’s sovereignty and provision. But he also pointed them in the right direction for a good life in the future. Their task was to be a signpost to other nations.

Deut 8:1-9 – Moses told them to remember how God had cared for them, and how they’d have been encouraged in their faith. Do we credit God for His provision or take it for granted?

Deut 4:5-9 – Moses had taught them the decrees and laws, but they must be careful not to forget them.

Deut 6:1-9 – He’d done all he could to encourage them to be pure and holy before he handed over to Joshua. Despite all they’d experienced and the wonderful future they’d been promised, they would turn their backs on God and all they’d learnt.

Deut 32:1-6 – Moses’ ‘last word’ was a lengthy song. God would achieve His purpose despite them! (Malcolm added that Moses himself didn’t go into the Promised Land, but he did, by faith, when he appeared with Jesus and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration.)

Finally, if we live well under the laws of God, we will stand out in our present-day society, which has rejected him.

Malcolm’s topic, Moses’ ‘last words’, was poignant for him and for us, as he said that he too will be bringing the church ‘last words’ over the next few months before he leaves.