The emphasis of our Thursday Fellowship meeting today was the Risen Christ, celebrated with songs, poems and a monologue.

It was good to welcome Malcolm back as he continued his series on Bible books with Numbers. He stressed the importance of administration after half a million Israelites fled Egypt. The plan was to be in the Promised Land within 3 months, but the people were grumbling and disobedient after a few days! In the end, despite God being compassionate, gracious and slow to anger, their faithlessness had to be punished. But he never gave up on them and they finally entered the Promised Land after 40 years of desert wandering ! If they’d trusted God, they would have been there in 3 months! They’d wasted 40 years because of their repeated lack of trust and disobedience. Malcolm encouraged us to be faithful to God and not to waste time through lack of trust and disobedience in OUR generation.

Thank you Sue for this lovely report.