“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” Romans 3 v 23-24 (NIV).

Our Good Friday service was not recorded but to give you a flavour of the lovely occasion we have included here some of the readings and thoughts which you might like to meditate on.

To lead us into communion:

Exodus 12 v 1-13
Matthew 26 v 62-68
Mark 15 v 21-24
Luke 23 v 38-43
John 19 v 25-30


Meekness and Majesty
There is a green hill
He was pierced for our transgressions

Broken for me, broken for you, the body of Jesus broken for you.
He offered His body, He poured out His soul; Jesus was broken, that we might be whole. Words by Janet Lunt © 1978 Sovereign Music Ltd

How wonderful that the blood of Jesus makes us clean and new!  Give thanks.

Psalm 100 v 5 – “For the lord is good and His love endures for ever…”

After sharing breakfast together, members of the congregation brought some memories and thoughts of what Easter meant to them:

Sue shared how in her 20s when attending church with her family she suddenly realised what “It is finished”, the words uttered by Jesus on the cross meant and gave her life to Jesus as a result.

Jane brought two thoughts that had impacted her over recent years :

  • The fact that Jesus endured separation from God, His Father.  Darkness covered the whole earth and God could not look at His dear Son because all of our iniquity was on Him.
  • The dying thief found salvation, forgiveness, peace and life right at the last moment.  It brings hope and comfort to so many that Jesus is willing and able to reach out even at the time of death.

Wendy read a beautiful poem about forgiveness contrasting the lives of Judas and Peter and how they reacted to turning their backs on Jesus. For Judas, death ensued, for Peter, hope conquering despair and allowing life to begin again.

Maria brought six thoughts from John 12 v 20-36 – the sayings of Jesus, which they had looked at in the Lent study groups. Please contact Maria should you be interested in knowing more about this.

Margaret was amazed how the Old Testament links in with the New Testament with reference to thorns representing sin! See Genesis 3 v 17-18.

John remembered a poem. What do we think about on March 25th? At Christmas we do think about Easter and vice versa because Jesus came to die for the sins of the world. Does the Easter story impact us on March 25th? Does it mean so much? The same could be said for any time of the year!

Our time together concluded with the singing of, When I survey the wondrous cross.

May you all experience His love, peace and joy at this most special time of the year. Happy Easter!