Memories of Yvonne based on tributes to her during her service of thanksgiving – Thursday, 2nd December, 2021

Malcolm introduced the service with prayers for Yvonne’s family. He talked about the many visits church friends have enjoyed to Yvonne’s home. He mentioned the many occasions when he had wandered in and noticed the aroma of marmalade and sensed the tastefulness that went into its production. He talked about Yvonne riding on the back of his motorbike and exhibiting trust in his motorcycling skills, which was “quite daring”. He felt she was like the Queen being conveyed on his bike! A poem was read called ‘Uphill’ by Christina Rosetti which alludes to life being an uphill struggle from morning until night time, but then God is with you during the dark moments of the night. Malcolm added a comment about Warren Avenue where Yvonne lived being uphill!

Scripture readings were recited by Wendy and Margaret who noted that they were so ‘very Yvonne’. Gail, Alison and her granddaughter Lorna then gave a family tribute to their mother and grandmother, describing her as no longer the unassuming woman she once was, but now an outgoing adventurous person who delved into poems she composed herself which she has read at different times to the Thursday Fellowship. They narrated how clever she was and that after going to Nursing College she ended up working in a hospital. She found the bosses there intimidating so she left and found work as a shop assistant. In their time she worked at the Sunblest bakery, Jaycees and the Ghazal’s supermarket. Gail, her daughter, then talked about an occasion when there was a trail of sweets leading from the supermarket where she had pinched some really tasty sweets! She also talked about how patient and reassuring her mother was. She described how the family were all at the dinner table and how Alison and Gail would be giggling. Yvonne had made a dry cake and they were blowing crumbs at each other and fishing for each other’s legs under the dinner table. Dad Eric’s favourite retort was ”I’m glad you find that funny”. Yvonne would then sense that Eric was upset and apologise to him, but he would concede that it wasn’t her fault but was his tactic in disciplining the girls. Gail also added how her Mum would cook for elderly neighbours. Her granddaughter, Lorna, had moved to the United States when Lorna was younger, and typically Yvonne had arrived in U.S., coffee cake in hand. Again, when Lorna arrived back in the U.K. for the first time, she stayed with Yvonne to acclimatise herself to the country again.

In his short address Malcolm talked about how God includes ‘you and me’ as being special in God’s creation, just as much as everyone else. There were four inspiring hymns, prayers were said and then the service ended with the Lord’s Prayer and the Blessing.

After the service people mingled in the adjoining hall. There was a table with a collection of pictures of Yvonne and her family, as well as pets over the years. There was one with the daughters’ childhood pet “Pip” which showed Yvonne as her endearing self. People also sampled tasty cakes and an assortment of sandwiches; this was typically ‘Yvonne style’ to be sent off with cakes!

If anyone would like to make a donation in memory of Yvonne, the family have requested Mercy Ships UK, Blood Cancer UK or a charity of your choice.

With grateful thanks to Ozzie for this lovely precis of the service of Thanksgiving for the life our dear Sister, Yvonne, now in glory.