A request for prayer support:

Dear ‘Friends of Daniel’ !

Daniel has asked for ‘covering prayer’ at this time, from his closest friends here in the UK.

There is a strong movement in Kenya to return the nation to “Traditional Values”.  That is, the values which were in the nation, before Christianity and the teachings of Christ became known in Kenya.  This movement is popular with some people, and is being promoted vigorously by a number of senior politicians!

Daniel and other senior church leaders in the Nakuru area, are standing strongly against this trend, and have been teaching and training pastors and other church leaders to do the same, by holding seminars and training sessions in different regions (sub-counties) around Nakuru County.  So far they have gone to Subukia, Naivasha, and Gilgil, and the next location is Molo.  These sessions have been very well-received, appreciated, and well-attended!  Daniel is one of the main coordinators, and he feels he and his family have been under spiritual attack because of what he’s doing.  For instance, both his wife and his daughter have just had bouts of Covid, but are now recovering. There have been other incidents, too!

A big thank you for your gifts and latest news:
The car to assist Daniel in his ministry was bought, received and commissioned. It wasn’t to be used until the commissioning that took place last weekend. Malcolm was sent about 40 photos of the car and a crowd of about 50 with raised arms around it!

Malcolm has asked for news about the clinic and we are still waiting latest information.

As mentioned above, Daniel is busy with a travelling teaching program, ‘Defending the Faith’, and described to Malcolm a meeting of 300 church leaders and another of 250 church leaders meeting under that title.

Daniel hopes to be in the UK in the Spring of 2022 in part to escape the pressures of his ministry.

Please continue to pray for the work in Kenya.