For our second meeting, one of the Thursday Fellowship Committee – Sue Cunningham brought along a couple of her glove puppet friends, Ginger and Boots to help illustrate her devotional talk.

Sue was thinking about our hands or in the case of Ginger and Boots, their paws!

Our hands are all very different but they are very important to us!

Psalm 139 v 5-6 – God holds our hands when we’re frightened, lonely and confused. How awesome that God, who created the universe has His hands on each one of us and He upholds us and will not let us fall! Psalm 37 v 23; Psalm 63 v 8.

Mark 7 v 31-37 – Jesus touches us gently at our own pace and at our point of need.

When I feel the touch of your hand upon my life, It causes me to sing a song that I love you, Lord.
So, from deep within, my spirit singeth unto thee,
You are my King, You are my God, and I love you, Lord.

Keri Jones & David Matthew
Copyright – 1978 Authentic Publishing

If you would like to join us, we meet on Thursday afternoons at 2pm in the Parish Room of the Holy Cross, Woodingdean for fellowship and friendship.