We have long and strong links with the work of churches in Kenya. An opportunity to pray online with Daniel and other supporters in the UK was held on Tuesday, 8th June and some prayer points were published for our ongoing prayers.

Maria has kindly added some additional comments and explanations to enable those who couldn’t attend the meeting to pray more effectively – thank you Maria!

Prayer changes things!

Daniel Gitau spoke at length about how the Christian faith is being challenged in Kenya. There is a drive to go back to believing in the spirits of their ancestors, not in the Holy Spirit of God, and to regard Christianity as a foreign religion. This cannot be accepted by Christians who say it is the Christian faith that gives us life with hope, not the native traditions.

Pray against the drive for traditional ancestor worship.

Pray for:

Faith in Africa as a whole

Nakuru – here the high officials and government are supporting this move towards traditional worship and the dedication of Nakuru as a city by traditional leaders and not church elders. Pray for church leaders, for wisdom as they speak to politicians ahead of the elections next year.

Joseph spoke about the progress made in the local school with many more children attending than previously as mothers want their children to receive an education. We give thanks for the excellent school results. Please pray for funds to build more classrooms and for the future of the school and its continued success.

Please pray about the challenge of the Covid-19 virus.

Joseph then spoke about the clinic in Dundori which the Ministry of Health says is one of the best clinics in the area.

Despite that, pray concerning the problem of staff turnover as the Government takes away the best workers. Pray that the clinic will be able to keep the new, good workers and that they can be paid appropriately.

That footfall will increase and that liaison with local schools will be successful.

For the facilities that they need and that God would continue to uphold the clinic, its outreach and the people who access its services. Particularly pray that the government health scheme would be forthcoming with the payments due to the clinic for work they have done and do.

Pray concerning 2 new Christian programmes that have been launched, praying for God’s favour and blessing on them:-

  • By Shikoh Gitau. She has launched CEMA – the Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis – in order to improve Africa’s health through data.
  • By Jennifer who has launched a new booklet for children called “Making Africa fit for me”, which is a new vision for children in Africa.

Finally, pray for the provision of a vehicle for Daniel, who is in desperate need.