The donations for the next few weeks will be sent to Yemen in the Middle East through Tearfund, a Christian emergency relief and development charity which is also a member of DEC (Disasters’ Emergency Committee).

There have been 6 years of conflict in Yemen that have left 20 million people without enough food or safe water. Millions of children are facing starvation and over 85,000 children have already died from hunger or disease since 2015. The health system has collapsed and coronavirus is thought to be aggressively spreading across the country. Yemen, therefore, is on the brink of the worst famine the world has seen in decades, and in the absence of immediate action millions of lives may be lost.

In spite of the unimaginable suffering of the people of Yemen, the UK government is cutting its aid to Yemen by more than half, a decision that the UN is calling a ‘death sentence’ for Yemen that will have catastrophic effects on the people. The government is also still selling weapons to parties involved in the Yemen conflict.

As well as donations we ask for prayer for the people of Yemen, for their protection from illness, disease and conflict, that there will soon be peace, and that the UK government will show compassion on these very poor people and restore spending on foreign aid to previous levels.