BMS works among some of the most marginalised and least evangelised people, in some of the most fragile places on earth. It aims to bring life in all its fullness through seven key ministries: church, development, education, health, justice, leadership and relief.

As a church we support their work and have signed up to their Birthday Scheme which is administered by Maria, one of our members. To find out more, head to

Financial donations for 2020:- £225 + £15 extra gift aid = £240

Our gifts through the Birthday Scheme provide life-saving medical treatment and care to some of the poorest and most marginalised people around the world, for example, at Guinebor II hospital in Chad. Any additional funds are used in other areas of urgent need, such as development projects that are promoting positive health by providing clean drinking water or alleviating hunger.

G2 is a shining Christian light in the Chadian desert. Our donations enable staff at the hospital to keep providing quality healthcare to the local community and to keep praying for the patients as they introduce people to Christ. The staff includes an amazing team of midwives who are battling the fifth highest infant mortality rate in the world. For example, our money enables the hospital to provide life-saving Caesarean surgery for mothers during childbirth. Our gifts also help to upgrade wards at the hospital so even more people can receive the healthcare they need.

Our BS donations are also helping those who are suffering during the Coronavirus pandemic. They help to provide medical equipment and supplies. For example, they have enabled temperature screening in Chad and provided PPE in Nepal. They also help with the distribution of food to those who cannot find work and so cannot afford to buy food.

NOTE: Please pray concerning the instability in Chad at the moment, where the president, Idriss Deby, has just been killed in battle with rebel fighters. This Central African State has been a vital ally in international efforts to combat Islamist militants in the region.

Thank you to all those who gave via this wonderful scheme during the past year.