Daniel has called from Kenya. He calls a couple of times a week to give an update. He wanted to tell us that there is peace in Naisuite. Praise the Lord!

Also fourteen patients who received wounds from arrows have returned from hospital, a two hour journey on terrible roads. Daniel has paid £50 for their transport and the hospital has waived their fees. The cost of their ongoing medicines is £60.

Kelvin, the boy who previously had his leg amputated, is doing well and his hut is under construction but unfortunately no one has accounted for the cost of a door and a window. This will require an additional £50. Daniel says that he is in need of raising £110. Quite often we have to tell Daniel that we do not have any money for him but recently we received two gifts for Kenya from church members and unusually Malcolm did not send them off immediately. He was unsure about where the need for the money would be. The amount that he had been given for Kenya was £110!

The money has now been sent and the medicines can be purchased along with a door and a window for Kelvin’s home. Malcolm has asked Daniel to be sure to pass on our love and support and not just our money to the people of Naisuite.

God’s church is making a difference. A small gift from us can make a massive difference to others’ lives. If we respond to God’s call on our lives positively his kingdom grows.