Once again, we are looking to support the Brighton Food Bank run by our friends at the Brighton & Hove City Mission.

Obviously things have to be different this year as it is not practical to have a harvest service and collect produce on the day.

DBC Community Greengrocers has a large collection basket in the shop and we have been invited to take any food donations along there to add to their collection.

The sort of items they are looking for are as follows:

Tinned meat
Tinned fish
Tinned vegetables
Long life milk (Full cream & semi-skimmed)
Instant coffee
Pasta sauces
Couscous & rice
Tinned fruit
Sweet treats
Rice pudding
Jam, marmite & peanut butter
Toilet rolls
Cleaning products
Hand wash

Please do ensure that your items are at least within 6 months of the best before date. Thank you kindly.

Heavenly Father, as we begin to think of harvest, we thank you for all the good things you give us. As we thank you for our food and your abundant provision, we remember all those who do not have enough for even one proper meal each day. Lord, comfort and bless all those who suffer because of the greed of others.   Thank you too for the work of the Brighton & Hove City Mission.  Please use the team mightily in these days and bless all of the clients who use their Food Bank. In Jesus’s name, amen.