Use of our gifts:-  The money has gone towards building materials for new accommodation for Kelvin who lost a leg in the recent fighting in Naisuite and for his mum.  The hut is under construction at the moment.  The funds have also provided medicines, blankets, cooking equipment and all the necessities they need to live on.

Present situation in Naisuite:-  Sadly fighting has broken out again leading to one further person’s death and several others being injured and hospitalised.  These are not members of the church that Daniel oversees there.  Joseph, who is from the church, is seen as a respected member of the general community and  is playing a role in helping these new victims.

Items for prayer:-

  • For wisdom for Joseph, Daniel and other church leaders who will be working with the county commissioner and local politicians to bring reconciliation between the warring factions.
  • That the government will fully waive hospital bills for those caught up in the crisis.
  • For the general political situation in Kenya. There is disquiet, in particular due to the way the president, Uhuru Kenyatta, seems to have side-lined his vice-president , William Ruto, in favour of his erstwhile opponent, Raila Odinga. There is a tribal aspect to this as each represents a different tribe.  The current tension comes from fearing that promises once made to one tribe will be undone in favour of another.
  • For Daniel the organiser and initiator of a forthcoming large-scale prayer rally involving firstly local church leaders, then pastors in Nakuru (about 1000 in number) and finally including members of many of the churches in Nakuru County. Pray that this event will be successful in working towards the healing and division within the country.