The news from Kenya at the moment is hard to hear!

There has been some local fighting in the town of Naisuite.  One of Daniel’s churches was caught up in it and some of his members have had to move into a local school building so that they can still farm their crops.  Sadly, one of the church elders has had his home burnt down.  People have been injured, but thankfully everyone is now out of hospital and being cared for at home.  The people are desperately short of food and have asked Daniel for help.

One of the most shocking cases was of a teenage boy (we think 18) who was shot with an arrow and had to have his leg amputated below the knee.  A man who was shot through the side of his head with an arrow is now doing well.

The Governor of the State has paid a visit to the people of the town of Naisuite.

Gifts of money are needed to assist the people at this difficult time:

  • To cover the cost of the boy’s hospital fees (£100)
  • To buy crutches for him to get around
  • To cover the cost of building a new home for the church member (about £700)

DBC has sent donations to cover the hospital costs and to purchase food for the people.  Thank you to all who have contributed to this gift.

Daniel did not want to ask for money for the rebuilding of the elder’s home, but Malcolm has said that if anyone would like to help please contact him directly.  Daniel and the pastor of the local church have been extremely grateful for the gifts that have been sent.

Malcolm has prayed for peace in the town of Naisuite, healing of the injured and those harmed emotionally by the recent fighting. He prayed that the church would continue to shine with hope and with the security that they found in God.  He gave thanks also for the connection that we have with these churches in Kenya.

Meanwhile Daniel is hoping to visit U.K. next Spring after the cancellation of his previously planned visit in May.  Malcolm also has in mind a future visit to Kenya.

Many thanks to Maria for all of her help in compiling the updates from Kenya.  It is good for us to be reminded of the things that have been happening to our brothers and sisters so that we can pray in an informed way.