Easing of coronavirus restrictions

President Kenyatta made 2 recent declarations:-

  1. Churches can start to meet together with a maximum of 100 participants, each wearing a face mask, practising handwashing and thorough cleaning and using a temperature gun. Over 58 year olds have to stay at home although this restriction does not include pastors. However, there is still food scarcity as the employment situation has not yet eased. Food is being distributed to pastors in the Nakuru area.
  2. Schools will not reopen until the start of the next academic year (January 2021) and the present academic year will be repeated by all students. This appears very draconian, involving current students with extra costs and other ramifications.

The Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019

This private members bill has recently passed 2 readings in the Kenyan Senate. It contains 2 hidden clauses which were unknown to the church, that would relax the laws on abortion and homosexual practices. The Church is now working hard to lobby for this bill to be rejected/amended. Daniel and the Nakuru Elders Council ask for prayer that the voice of the church can be heard in this, especially in a forthcoming meeting with the senator for the Nakuru area who introduced the bill.

The UK Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast (via Zoom)

Daniel took part but there was no opportunity for other contributors apart from the main speaker.

The very high level of persecution of Christians in Kenya

Our pastor Malcolm flagged up at a recent prayer meeting that Kenya is now ranked number 44 on the World Watch List 2020 (Open Doors) which lists the top 50 countries facing the most extreme persecution. There are an estimated 42.8 million (82%) Christians in Kenya. They face 2 types of persecution:-

  1. From the Islamic militant group Al-Shabaab. Believers from a Muslim background in the north-east and coastal regions live in constant threat of attack.
  2. From corruption which is rampant throughout the country. Co-opted officials turn a blind eye to the activities of persecutors which encourages further persecution.

Please keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Kenya. This makes an enormous difference to those following Jesus no matter the cost.