The worst locust invasion for 70 years took place in January and February this year.  Swarms of desert locusts invaded farms in Nakuru County and destroyed the county’s main cash crop which threatened food security and caused a rise in prices.

In March the coronavirus pandemic reached Kenya but in fact Kenya is one of the last places to be hit by Covid19.  So far there are no cases in rural Kenya, but community infections could happen any time with people travelling from cities to rural areas often by public transport.  A week ago the number of coronavirus cases totalled 16.  The government set up a curfew to curb the spread of the virus and there have been complaints of police brutality as they used whips, batons and tear gas to implement it. There is also discrimination against foreigners in East Africa, including Kenya, who have been verbally and physically abused because Kenyans believe they may be infected with coronavirus.  As Kenya prepares for Covid-19 the government is worried that Kenya doesn’t have the resources to cope.  Daniel Gitau’s reminder is that God is firmly ‘in control’, and we should keep praying both for the UK and Kenya and for each other.

At the moment churches in Kenya as in Britain are not allowed to meet together.  One of the largest churches in the Nakuru area (more than 1000 people) has started broadcasting its services online and some viewers complained to the authorities that the church was operating as usual. On the first occasion,  the police turned up and just found the pastor, (a friend of Daniel Gitau)  his wife and those operating the video camera!  They left them to carry on!

Daniel Gitau’s planned visit to UK from May to July has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, or at least postponed possibly until next year. David Hurst’s trip to Kenya in March did not go ahead either as planned.  Meanwhile, Julia, a volunteer accountant, who spent 3 weeks in Kenya this year helping Daniel and Joseph to get the finances and accounting in Kenya to a better standard, returned safely and have produced an extensive report about the finances there.

School results were very good again in 2019, and sponsorship money is being provided for 2 excellent students.     Daniel’s work with Nakuru County Transformational Network continues, in order to bring a Christian influence on the workings of politics in Kenya.