Dear DBC family and others,

You may remember at the start of the year, I was unwell and therefore unable to attend church or do much else. In the past when this has occurred, my Heavenly Father has used this enforced period of inactivity to speak into my heart, with words or visions to share with the church. This time was no different. Some weeks ago I sent through a picture that God had given me with the intention of coming up the front of the church to explain what I felt God wanted to share with you all. This didn’t happen because we are no longer able to meet together. Having had a few more weeks to gather my thoughts it seems imperative and pertinent to now share with you all.  It is with the blessing of the Leadership of DBC that I now have the opportunity to do so:

It will be helpful if you have a look at the picture first. I felt that God was showing me the path that we are meant to follow shimmering with light. This is the way we are supposed to travel in the light of His footsteps. None the less it was also clear that although it looks wide and bright it is not always the easy way. Many times along the way we veer off on our own agendas ending up on a winding torturous road from which it seems difficult to get back from. I felt God was saying that there is always a way back and that it is through Him.  He shows us signs, wonders and events which all lead back to Him (see the paths with the arrows with the clearly lit signs.)

If you are wondering what the black, blobby area is meant to be, this was I felt, God showing us that sometimes we go so far off the beaten track that we end up in the deepest, darkest place from which we convince ourselves that there is no way out of or no way back from and that God would not want us after we had been there! BUT NO! God was clearly telling me that there is always a way back to Him, to His arms and His love and forgiveness and that it’s through – JESUS! Amen

Dawn Wyatt