Who they are:– David and Jenny Mewes, a former engineer and ballet dancer, who spent 8 years in Qingzhou, in the district of Weifang, Northern China with a population of 1.2 million people. They recently retired from missionary service due to David’s ill health and are now living in Scotland.

History of BMS in Qingzhou:– The BMS has 4 branches of work in Qingzhou – churches, a hospital, a school for teaching nurses and seminary for training pastors. Although it is a communist government, all these buildings are still standing and functioning. There are a number of Baptist churches with approximately 400 worshippers in each church. One of the churches, built in 1885, is situated in the middle of a busy street surrounded by tourist attractions.

Present day China:– China is an atheistic, communist country.  Christianity is permitted but it is against the law to teach children about any religion.  The stark choice is between being a member of the communist party or embracing Christianity! Unregistered churches are illegal and pastors of these churches risk going to jail. These churches do however teach the children stories from the Bible.

David and Jenny’s work in Qingzhou:– They were placed by the BMS in a secular college preparing students and teachers for the yearly English exam, using a modern style of teaching. They also taught the teachers’ children, shared the gospel within their department (not outside) and welcomed students into their home. BMS has also set up a pre- school in the area where local Christians do the teaching.

Leaving China:– David became critically ill with a sudden heart attack but was miraculously healed by the power of prayer when he was being transferred to a better equipped hospital in Beijing.  Sadly they had to return home without completing the work they had been called to do, however, through this dark time, David & Jenny’s lives were transformed by the experience of God’s goodness to them (Psalm 34 v 8). They will now be working for the BMS, touring the country as ambassadors in a speaking role.

To listen to Jenny’s testimony head to: – https://downsbaptistchurch.org/sermons/