A group of all ages enjoyed pancakes together on Shrove Tuesday. Margaret made 56 pancakes in all and they were delicious!  We experimented with fillings and Oscar and Ted managed to eat 5!

Malcolm taught that shrove means to confess sin and we learned that Lent replicates Jesus’s sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. The period of Lent is traditionally marked by fasting, both from food and/or festivities.

Why pancakes? Well, historically it was a way for households to use up sugar, fats and eggs in their cupboards before the fasting season began. Penny asked the interesting question of what happened to the eggs that weren’t used during the period? Whatever people decide to do or not, it is a time of reflection and prayer as we prepare for Easter.

Money was raised for CAP (Christians Actions Poverty) who have been releasing people from the grip of debt and poverty since 1996. They equip and empower local churches to provide life-changing services to their communities. So far just over £51 has been raised.