We had a fun time at our all age Nativity Service in Woodingdean school hall. The theme of our morning was – “With love from God to you!”

Pastor Malcolm (as you have never seen him before – dressed as Planet Earth then as a zebra!), retold the Gospel story in his inimitable style encouraging congregation participation of course.

The children and some of the grown ups dressed up as characters from the nativity and everyone played their parts well. We all followed the story from the beginning of creation –  Adam and Eve – the fall – the wonderful birth of the Lord Jesus – His death on the cross to save us from our sins so that we could be friends with God for ever.

How wonderful to know that Jesus was able to lift every wrong thing than anyone has ever done or will do onto His own broad shoulders and carry them far away. Anyone who is truly sorry and turns away from their sin will be forgiven.

So, this Christmas, let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus our Saviour. The baby is a precious gift…….with love from God to you!

The children sang to us Mary’s Boy Child and they did so with such gusto. Have a listen to their song below…….