Tearfund Update:   Environmental issues

Tearfund is helping to transform the environment of communities around the world, for example, the slums of Pakistan where communities are literally drowning in waste. Uncollected waste is endangering lives as well as the environment.  Pakistan generates around 20 million tonnes of waste every year, of which only half is collected.  In slum communities the waste is dumped into watercourses or burnt when the volumes are overwhelming.  Communities are battling to survive in ever-growing mounds of waste.  When the heavy rains come the rivers rise at an alarming rate and the floods then sweep the rubbish into people’s homes causing the families to leave.  They are in great danger of drowning while they sleep!  Also, the build-up of waste – plastic and organic – allows rats, snakes etc.  to enter their houses, bringing the threat of disease.

But Tearfund is serving these slum communities with the help of their partner, Pak Mission Society.  Newly established recycling hubs have been set up which are supervised by paid ‘guardians of the environment’.  Rubbish is first collected, then sorted and used for compost or the recyclable material sold on.  Each hub provides employment for 25 people.  By doing this, they reduce the amount of plastics in the oceans, prevent the flooding of watercourses blocked by waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of waste.

Tearfund is doing so much through its partner, PMS, to improve the environment, health and wellbeing of the slum communities of Pakistan.

If you would like to support this work and many other schemes around the world to prevent many tonnes of waste entering local rivers, to tackle plastic pollution and to improve the health of families head to www.tearfund.org