A large number gathered in the turning circle outside the school gates overlooking Woodingdean for an Easter Sunday reflection led by Pastor Malcolm. Oh the joy of being free to worship in the open air on such a beautiful morning! For the second week running DBC publicly demonstrated and declared its faith in Jesus Christ in the community in which we live.

We reflected on the story of the women who discovered that Jesus was not in the tomb where He had been laid. Sadly the report the women brought back that Jesus was alive was not believed at first. It wasn’t long before they were all overcome with joy when they realised that He had risen just like He said.

To conclude our reflection, as we looked over our community, Malcolm prayed that hearts within our community would respond to the good news that God’s not dead – No! He is alive.

Our reflection was followed by a lovely family communion service in the school hall. It is fitting that we should rejoice and be glad as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. He brings life to those who are dead – life in all its fulness.

Malcolm retold stories about Jesus the Miracle Man to engage the very youngest to the oldest. Jesus performed so many miracles – not to show off or impress people but to point the way to God, to show what He is like and what life with God can be like. But still people did not believe in Him. How could people turn against Him? Jesus came to die that we might have life. Because of Jesus we receive forgiveness for our sins, love, joy, peace and hope. One day we will die but if we trust in Him we will be raised by God to eternal life. What wonderful hope this is!

Malcolm reminded us that we take bread and the fruit of the vine to remember the sacrifice Jesus made. His body was broken for us; His blood was spilt for us and He did it because He loved us so much.

We enjoyed sharing in the love feast and rejoiced in God’s goodness to us. As we took communion, Malcolm spent time with each of the children blessing them and praying over them.

What a blessed day. To God be the glory.