We had a super time at our all age service as we celebrated harvest and the goodness of God.

Our harvest donations of non-perishable foods and toiletries will be given to the Brighton and Hove City Mission’s Basics Bank.

We watched a very powerful video and learnt about the Baptist Missionary Society’s work in Afghanistan training women and men in remote villages to end unhealthy traditional practices so that Mums and babies do not die. One such practice is to cut the umbilical cord on the sole of an old man’s shoe and then smear the cut with dung – this is considered good luck!

BMS is able to teach the people how to recognise when a pregnant Mum is in trouble and needs a doctor and how to care for someone after giving birth. This training has had an amazing impact on communities.

To see this very powerful video and to hear the stories of Mums and Dads who have been helped head to :-


After the service we shared in a simple lunch of bread, cheese, fruit and water and donated what we would have spent  on a normal Sunday lunch to the BMS to support this important work in Afghanistan. The total raised was £183.  Thank you for your support.

If you would like to hear Malcolm’s short message entitled “Life’s First Cry” – check out the sermons page under the Resources tab.