The 31st October 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and to coincide with this, Malcolm is planning a teaching series entitled “The Five Solas of the Reformation”.

The “five solas” is a term used to designate five great foundational rallying truths and cries of the Protestant reformers as Christians in Europe were brought back to the gospel of Jesus Christ at the heart of God’s Word.

They are as follows:

22nd Oct – “Sola Scriptura” (Scripture Alone);

5th Nov – “Sola Gratia” (Grace Alone);

19th Nov – “Sola Fide” (Faith Alone);

26th Nov – “Solus Christus” (Christ Alone);

3rd Dec – “Soli Deo Gloria” (To God Alone Be Glory).

This is sure to be an extremely interesting series of studies. You are warmly invited to join us! The messages will be recorded and uploaded to our Resources/Sermons page if you are unable to come or miss one and need to catch up!