“As we are gathered Jesus is here!”

What a glorious day it was for our service on the beach which culminated in Nicky Millis’ baptism.

Malcolm read from Psalm 107 – “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures for ever.” How true that is! We enjoyed worshipping and praising God by singing some lovely songs accompanied by music played through a bluetooth speaker! Oh the wonders of modern technology! We even managed a rendition of wide, wide as the ocean complete with actions.

There was a special slot for the children and the young at heart.  We had to fold a piece

of card to make a boat and then stick it with glue. Malcolm then tested it’s strength by placing it in a bucket of water and loading it up with pebbles. The children loved this.

Malcolm reminded us of the story of Jesus calming the storm. Jesus has promised to be with His people. In the stormy moments of our lives, of which there will be many, Jesus can bring safety, comfort and reassurance and it is in these difficult times that we see His power and might. He wants to be our friend; we just need to trust in Him and get to know Him.

Then it was time for Nicky to testify to her acceptance of Jesus as her Lord and Saviour and acknowledge the repentance of her sins by responding to Malcolm’s questions in the presence of so many witnesses.

Baptism means death to old life, buried and raised up to new life – life in all its fullness.

Thanks be to God. Amen

After Jesus was baptised, the Bible tells us that He was severely tempted. (Mark 1 v 12, Matthew 4 v 1-11, Luke 4 v 1-13.) Please pray for Nicky and her family in the days ahead for protection and strength and that Nicky might know God’s presence in a very special way and know His leading and direction as she progresses on her spiritual journey.